BDHR – Who Are We

Black Diamondz HR Concierge is proud to be Australia’s first and only recruitment service dedicated to Mandarin and Cantonese speaking candidates. We provide a bespoke service that utilizes our strong connections and network within the Chinese/Australian community to engage with talented individuals across multilabel industries and levels.

Diversity in the workplace is an essential component of any successful business. The relationships between China and Australia have never been stronger. Weather you are a business looking to grow in the local Australian market or a business looking to develop in the ever-expanding China market, BDHR can help you find the right candidates to engage and prosper within this lucrative group.

The BDHR Difference – Clients

BDHR will invest the time to completely understand your business. When we first begin working together, one of our consultants will dedicate an entire day learning about your business. This can include spending time with the HR team and management onsite, or even a few focused hours spent to understand the broader team and the company culture. This ensures we receive a true insight into what it is like to work within your business and a greater understanding of exactly what you are searching for. We are also here to educate you on how to ensure you have a work place that is equipped to deal with cultural inclusion.

  • BDHR has built a highly skilled set of candidates through referrals and successful partnerships whom we can introduce to your company. If we do not already have someone in our database
  • BDHR recruiters are skilled and experienced in identifying top talent and matching them with the needs of your company on both a skills basis and also a cultural fit
  • BDHR rewards our consultants for every year their placed candidate stays in your business. This eliminates the headhunting of old candidates that is a regular occurrence within other recruitment agencies
  • BDHR does not set KPI’s that can impact our valued clients. This means no 4 pm calls on a Friday to make up their numbers, and no irrelevant candidates sent to reach a KPI

Before you meet our candidates:

BDHR are committed to representing only the very best bilingual candidates in the market. Before any candidate being presented by BDHR, they will undergo the following qualification checks and tests. These results will be given to our clients when the candidate’s CV is presented.

  • In-depth face to face interview or video interview if in another state or country to ascertain suitability for your business and the special role you are recruiting for
  • VIVO Check – Visa/ working rights check
  • English/ Grammar & Vocabulary Testing

How we find the right candidate for you:

With over 650 million active users per months, WeChat has become one of the most powerful mobile products on the planet. Since it’s beginning as a simple chat App, WeChat has grown to become a market-leading platform for connecting people, services, and businesses in China, abroad and around the globe.

Over 2 million WeChat users currently live in Australia, have previously lived in Australia or have visited Australia annually, making the platform valuable even for brands and companies that do not export to China. Within the Black Diamondz group, we have regular access to the platform with our reach exceeding 40,000 followers. BDHR has the additional benefit of being able to utilise our extensive WeChat footprint to access and engage with both passive and active candidates on a platform where they feel most confident to engage in conversation.

Due to Black Diamondz aspirational standing in the business community and our company’s respected reputation, BDHR can leverage existing and new relationships. We have a wealth of candidates who are referred to us by people who have a history of successful business dealings with our top tier management through multiple business associations across the broad stroke of the Black Diamondz Group.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 530 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. It is also one of the only global social media platforms accessible in China. All BDHR consultants have Recruiter Licenses on LinkedIn which empowers the to see the entire global network and reach out to potential candidates regarding opportunities directly.

Job Boards
It is important that BDHR stays active on local and international job boards to build our database and also advertise specific roles. We have a solid relationship with both Seek (Australia’s leading job board) and Indeed, the world’s leading job board.

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