China Recruitment

Introduction of Black Diamondz HR Global Human Resource Service

As an international premium consulting company, Black Diamondz HR – Global Human Resource Service is committed to providing bilingual executive search services, integrated corporate culture building and cross-culture brand promotion services to leading companies throughout China and Australia. Black Diamondz HR is the only recruitment agency focused on searching for skilled bilingual candidates who can help your business make huge impacts internationally. As the world becomes more global the need for a multi-cultural workplace has become critical for business success and growth. We offer a bilingual service in both English and Chinese to ensure we are understanding all our clients needs in the best way possible no matter their native language.

Our services

With the growing demand for executives at different times, the need for top executives has never changed. Searching and attracting talent requires a disciplined approach, a comprehensive understanding of different industries, cultures and functional roles, full engagement with executives, and impeccable judgment.

With a deep understanding of the strategic needs of our clients and reliable, proven assessment tools, Black Diamondz HR professional consultants will assist their clients in recruiting leaders with international vision and the necessary skills, experience and personal qualities to fit their unique business. We also search for those familiar with Chinese and Australian culture and language, with the ability and experience to strengthen company strategies to achieve superior performance objectives.

In order to meet your organizations unique needs accurately, our consultants in both China and Australia have abundant experience in their respective fields. With our effective executive search process, Black Diamondz HR can help you optimize ways to locate leaders who can seamlessly integrate with your businesses unique needs and adapt to your organizations exclusive environment. With our proven experience, international reputation, and deep relationships with esteemed leaders, Black Diamondz HR is equipped to find the most sought-after candidates in the world.

Our Advantages

To recruit the right executives, we need to have an in-depth understanding of our clients business, strategic goals and positional objectives. This is the philosophy Black Diamondz HR has enthusiastically adhered to. Since the inception of Black Diamondz HR, we have won the trust of our clients with our rich expertise, sincere advising, and consulting efforts to assist clients and candidates reach their personal success.

In order to understand your organizational needs, all of our consultants are bilingual in both Chinese and English. We are very proud that nearly two-thirds of our business comes from previous client and candidate recommendations. This is a testament to the exceptional service we provide. In addition, after each project is completed, we conduct self-assessments to improve performance through customer satisfaction surveys.

Our Focusing Function

  • CEO and board members
  • Human resource managers
  • Financial managers
  • IT managers
  • Marketing, Sales and Strategic managers
  • Law, Risk, Legal Compliance and Public Affairs managers
  • Supply chain and operation managers

Our industry

  • Financial services
  • Technology and communications
  • Life science and health care
  • Consumer goods
  • Industrial engineering
  • Services industry
  • Media and marketing
  • Government departments and social organizations

Our service process

We are committed to becoming a reliable and trusted consultant to our clients throughout the process of searching. We always strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, and make sure we provide seamless end to end recruiting and head hunting services. Our process contains five main stages:

  • Head hunting prioritizing of suitable candidates.
  • Head hunting strategy confirmed with client.
  • Attract and evaluate candidates.
  • Recommend the most qualified candidate for clients’ interview.
  • Head hunting completed.