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Black Diamondz HR Concierge (BDHR) is a HR & Recruitment Firm specialising in bilingual mainstream and executive placements as well as culture development strategies. Utilising a hybrid of new age HR, traditional recruitment and strategic business consulting services we are the leaders in our unique field.

BDHR knows the importance of developing a successful organisation not only based on quality people, but also on the overarching structure and strategic management. Developing company culture through its people and the landscape of cross-cultural integration, is at the forefront of what BDHR aims to service and excel in. Founder and Director Monika Tu has developed her reputation over 30 years in bringing eastern and western business and culture together. BDHR was launched in 2016 due to Monika seeing a gap in the market for skilled bilingual and local recruitment within her extensive network. Since launching, BDHR has developed the foundation of servicing small to large organisations by creating complete alignment with its people and matching the best candidates from both Chinese and western backgrounds. The BDHR team in providing a niche offering that has yet to be serviced in the market.


BDHR has built a highly skilled set of candidates through top-tier referrals and successful strategic partnerships. BDHR recruiters are exceptionally skilled in identifying top talent and matching them with your needs, placing an equal emphasis on skill set and correct cultural fit. BDHR take the time to completely understand your business and your unique, individual needs. When we first start working with you and your company, one of our consultants will dedicate a whole day getting to know your business. This can be spending time with the HR team, the management team or even an additional few hours getting to know the broader team and the culture dynamic. To BDHR, this means we get a true insight into what it is like to work in your business and the true talent that you are searching for. BDHR reward our consultants for each year a successful candidate is placed in your business. This eliminates the headhunting of old candidates that is common with many other recruitment agencies. We do not set our consultants KPI's that can impact our clients. This means no disruptive 4pm calls on a Friday just to make up their numbers, and no irrelevant candidates sent to simply reach a KPI.

Global Reach:

BDRC has cultivated a database of local and international talent through integrated business relationships and solid foundations of trust. By adapting quickly to emerging technology trends, BDRC remain at the forefront of specialized recruitment.

Commitment Focused:

BDRC are 100% committed to understanding a business's culture and then sourcing talent who share similar goals and values. By identifying the needs and wants of both parties, we confidently ensure the perfect fit.

Service Orientated:

BDRC are dedicated to delivering results. We are here to streamline the employment process, to save our clients time and money and allow our candidates to find long lasting careers.